Posted on December 5, 2023 by  Michael M.

It is becoming more and more common to see design projects that use additive manufacturing to create decorative structures for shops, clubs and high traffic areas to give an elegant or luxurious atmosphere. There are standout recent examples like Dior's popup store or the 3D printed facade of the Singapore Tiffany store. What makes 3D printing attractive for these applications is, among other things, the increased creativity that allows designers and architects to play with more forms and materials than traditional construction to achieve new and never-before-seen structural designs.

For Formula 1 fans and design and construction enthusiasts, this 3D printed facade is sure to be of great interest. For the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, a geometric, flowing 3D-printed facade welcomes race fans to the prestigious Paddock Club™ venue at the Yas Marina Circuit. It is one of the leading sports and entertainment facilities in the United Arab Emirates. Located on Yas Island, the circuit hosts the annual Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, among other major events. Inside, the luxurious Paddock Club™ lounge overlooks the track and allows fans to enjoy the race up close. To make it even more unique this year, the 3D printed decorations that adorned the club captured the imagination almost as much as the competition itself.

The work was done in collaboration between Abu Dhabi-based design studio 4SPACE Design and Dubai-based 3D printing firm Proto21. The most impressive thing about the decoration is its design, which is the result of the integration of parametric design and 3D printing, which allowed the creation of innovative decorative elements on the ceiling and walls of the building. Not much information has been revealed regarding the materials used and manufacturing method, but this is certainly a remarkable project and one that requires close teamwork between the companies involved. Impressively, the structure was built and installed in just over a week. Pir Arkam, CEO of Proto21, commented on LinkedIn after construction: “ An [extremely] challenging project for Proto21 to produce such a complex structure in a [short] time. Huge thanks to Blue Camel Design LLC for supporting our installation team with a record 7 day build period! "

The decorative 3D printed structure in white has a grid design and seems to wrap like a net around the entire venue, from the bar to the relaxation area where spectators can gather to watch the Formula 1 race. Striking in its simplicity, it certainly demonstrates the potential of additive manufacturing and the ability to achieve high quality results in terms of style, design and customization with results in a short period of time. We will certainly be happy to be among the lucky ones who get to see it up close! 


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