Hayabusa unveils first-of-its-kind 3D printed boxing gloves

Hayabusa is a well-known Japanese sports equipment manufacturer specializing in the creation of high-performance equipment for various disciplines of mixed martial arts (MMA), including boxing. The company recently introduced a new line of boxing gloves called T3D, developed using 3D printing technology. According to Hayabusa, this is the first time such a process has been used to produce boxing gloves.
Hayabusa CEO Ken Clement believes this new technology will revolutionize the industry in terms of athlete protection and comfort. 
And it sure looks like he might be right. In particular, because this is not the first case of 
3D printing used in sports. Several other companies, including Wilson Sporting Goods, have also unveiled 3D printing projects in recent months. Specifically, Wilson Sporting Goods recently unveiled a prototype basketball that was designed using 3D printing. 
But these are not the only cases. We've already seen the use of 3D printing to create helmets in the NHL, as well as bicycles that will be used in the Olympics. 
It is valued for its ability to customize each part for the user, making it safer as well as more comfortable for athletes. These qualities also likely contributed to Hayabusa's decision to turn to additive manufacturing for their boxing gloves.
The $159 gloves are the first of their kind (Photo: Hayabusa)

Comfortable and elegant design

Hayabusa uses a 3D resin printing solution, most likely an SLA or DLP process, to produce the T3D boxing gloves. Although there is no information on the specific 3D printer used, the technology has replaced traditional foam layers with grids that contain thousands of dampers, providing unparalleled precision that conventional manufacturing techniques cannot achieve. The sports equipment manufacturer claims that these mats are more durable than commonly used foam and exceed their capabilities.

T3D boxing gloves are designed to absorb and direct energy during a punch, while providing better comfort to the athlete's hands. They are equipped with a double strap closure system and a wrist splint support, improving the athlete's support, comfort and performance. Hayabusa added a thermo-regulating lining to keep hands cool, and the exterior is made from Vylar, an OEM leather, which increases the durability of the gloves. According to Ken Clement, "The design of the T3D boxing glove has taken years of research, development and testing to perfect, and we're ready to define the next era of performance." To learn more about Hayabusa's new line of 3D printed boxing gloves, check out the clip:


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